6 things men will do if they really love you

Things men do when they really love you - Naija News 247
Things men do when they really love you

If you are here on Naija News 247 wondering where you stand in your man’s life, thinking he’s not really into you, or you’re feeling like a second choice, then be rest assured you’ll find answer to your question in this article.

Things men do when they really love you - Naija News 247
Things men do when they really love you

Check out 6 common things men do when they’re head over heels in love with you:

  1. Vulnerability

A man who cherishes his woman becomes soft, gentle and tender like a child when he’s with her. He shares his wins, pain, troubles with you. He’s always smiling and playful when you’re around. He’s physically and emotionally close to you. Laughs so hard and always fun to be with.

  1. Availability
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There’s no need to guess, if he truly loves you he will show up at least Eighty percent of the time when you need him.

Despite his busy schedule, he would call and text you regularly. A man who genuinely cares about you would make arrangements to see you. He’ll schedule hangouts, surprise visits, and vacations.

  1. Priority/Respect

If the man in your life genuinely loves and craves you, he would surely treat you as the most important person in his life; He’d never make a decision without considering you. He’d address you with respect as well. You’d hardly ever hear him say anything condescending to you.

  1. Commitment

There’s no need to beg or ask for commitment, when a man loves you, it comes naturally. He would be dedicated to you, he’d be with you through the ups and downs, he would apologize when he’s wrong and would take care not to hurt your feelings. That’s a man who loves you.

  1. Meet His Family
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If you’re the real woman in his life, he will let you meet and know his family members. He would introduce you to his friends and colleagues at work.

So is your man always avoiding discussions about his family? Does he avoid introducing you to his friends? Then he most likely is not into you. A man who loves you will introduce you to people that matter in his life.

  1. Gifts and Emotional Support
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When a man loves you, he will buy you gifts and he will be there emotionally.

He would ask about your problems and offer solutions, he would encourage you to become a better woman, he would personally invest in your growth, and he would celebrate your wins with you.

Finally, he would pamper you and spoil you with surprises every time he can.

If he’s not doing any of these 6 things, then he is not into you. Men are always intentional about the women they love and value.

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