‘Meet Your Maker’ is a dungeon raider where every level is player-made

Meet Your Maker. Credit: Behaviour Interactive.

Behaviour Interactive has revealed Meet Your Maker, an upcoming multiplayer game that tasks players with raiding player-made levels while building their own trap-filled lair for others to raid.

The premise of Meet Your Maker involves raiding other players’ Outposts to steal genetic material, which is this universe’s most prized resource. As revealed in a trailer, these raids can be played alone or with a partner, and involve first-person shooter (FPS) gunfights with mutated guards, navigating through traps, and using a grappling hook to swing through arenas.

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However, players will also be invited to build their own Outpost. Each block of an Outpost can be built individually, and players can choose to fill it with a variety of different obstacles for would-be raiders to tackle. Beyond placing traps and blocks, builders will be able to customise how their Outpost and its guards look – and can even programme specific patrol paths for the AI.

Meet Your Maker. Credit: Behaviour Interactive.
Meet Your Maker. Credit: Behaviour Interactive.

Ash Pannell, creative director for Meet Your Maker, says that builders will be able to watch their Outpost get raided with a replay camera. This will allow builders to tweak their Outpost based on what is – and isn’t – effective, while raiders will be able to try their heist again if they die. While successful raiders will be rewarded with the Outpost’s genetic material, builders will also be able to loot raiders who have died to their contraptions.

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Looking ahead, Pannell shared that Meet Your Maker will have seasonal leaderboards, a social element that will allow players to follow their favourite builders, and feature an “ever expanding toolbox” that will be updated on a “regular basis”.

Meet Your Maker is not scheduled to launch until 2023, and will be available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Later in the month, a closed playtest will begin on August 23 – anyone looking to take part can sign up here.

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Source: NME

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